Why Your Should Wash Your Dog’s Feet After a Walk

Why Your Should Wash Your Dog’s Feet After a Walk

Many dog owners walk their dogs. And many dog owners walk their dogs in their neighborhood. It’s an easy way to exercise the dog and yourself. But your neighborhood might not be as safe as you think.

Why should you wash your dogs paws after a walk?

When you come home from walking your dog, you should rinse or wipe their paws off outside before bringing them into your house or apartment. Why you ask? As you walk around your neighborhood, your dog is walking in a lot of unknown substances. And during the summer months, you neighbors are likely to be doing weed control with products like Round Up. Your dog will walk right through the Round Up, likely getting it on their paws at minimum if not their coat. Once you have returned from your walk, and settled back down in your house, your dog is going to snuggle down in his bed and lick his paws. In order to prevent your dog from getting a daily dose of glyphosphate, it’s a good idea to give his paws a little rinse on the sidewalk before you bring him inside.

What else can he step in?

Along with glyphosphates, your dog can trot through any number of unfriendly substances. Many people power wash their side walks with industrial strength cleaners which are not good to be ingested by the dog. Oil and antifreeze spills from cars can also make their way on to your walking path. Some integrative medical practitioners believe this is why cancer is more prevalent in dogs these days. There are also an untold number of pathogens and viruses and bacteria your dog can pick out while out walking. These are not reasons to not walk your dog. Most of these substances can be removed from your dog’s paws with a simple rinse or wipe down with a washcloth.


Dogs need outdoor kennels

Dogs need outdoor kennels

Regardless the dogs’ breed, they need a privacy place for their own. An outdoor dog kennel is a must have for all the owners those who have doggies at home. Having good breeds at home, and leaving them to wander inside the home, damaging the things, letting them outside in the lawn & garden spoiling the grass or outside road is very much dangerous for them, of considering all the circumstances outside dog kennel is the best option.

Advantages of Outdoor dog kennels

Below appending are the stuff of basic guide for having pets and pets’ pen at outside the home.

Tings safe at home: First of all, dogs would not spoil your interiors, no couches get torn, no water would be spilled in the hall, no threat to the aquarium, and the very important is that zero infection for the people (although the breed is of high quality, and would be given proper vaccinations some or the other way, infection might be get caught).

Almost, if an owner is a working person, and by the feel of anxiety and loneliness the pets behave naughty by chewing up all the items at his sight, say for the sofa, soft toys, wires, stuff kept in the kitchen cupboards, et al.

Good looking garden: Kennel provides all the facilities and thus it stops the dog by ripping off the garden and flowers. That’s why it is insisted get a big spaced kennel for the dog can be able to meet all his needs within his own private space.

Toilet training: When your pet dog gets used to being with the general livingness, it is very easy to train with toilet practice. So by the regular time, you can associate your pet for the same, hence even the kennel would not get pooped by the doggy. However, dogs will get practice to urinate also outside and no odor inside.

Training: Outdoor dog kennel helps the owners to train the dog, say for kept locked inside as a punishment for not obeying the commands will make them rage. Instead think and act proactive, in which by making them feel chill out & relax inside the kennel, thus they would feel like a time out space. Hence it is recommended to go for a big pen for the pets.

Safety and security: Dog kennels are the place that became your pet’s own living space to stay and hassle for the owners that not all the other stuff get disturbed. Wandering on the roads is not at all safe for the pets and the owners are not able to stand beside for its safety and no one can say that how long and how safe would the maids or the paid dog keepers take care of your doggy.

Bottom line

Outside dog kennel not only keeps dogs outside but also keeps them engaged with all its required facilities met and relaxed. You can find the best outside dog kennels here http://bestdogcratesandbeds.com/product-reviews/best-outdoor-dog-kennel/.


Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Anyone who owns a dog can tell you the benefits far outweigh the effort it takes to own a dog. More and more research shows that dog owners have better overall quality of life than non-dog (or pet) owners.

Dogs make you feel better

People who own dogs have been shown to have decreased blood pressure and reduced cholesterol levels. People who have had a heart attack also have been shown to recover faster if a dog or cat is around.

Dogs keep you active

Dogs require physical exercise. And you’re the best one to give it to him! Your dog needs walks daily, so put on your running shoes, grab the leash, and strike out on the road!

Dogs lower your stress

People who own dogs are less likely to experience stress and depression. Taking care of a dog requires routines and forces you to get up and take care of the dog. Plus all those unconditional loving licks and puppy dog eyes. Who can stay stressed looking at that?

Sniffing out disease

Many recent studies have shown that dogs can use their super sensitive sense of smell to detect low blood sugar levels and even cancers! More research is needed, but some results are promising showing that dogs can in fact smell cancer.

Dogs help you make friends

Not everyone is gifted at getting to know new people. Some folks are just shy. But owning a dog can help you “break the ice” with people. Who can resist saying hello to a nice fluffy pooch as you walk him through the park?

What kind of dog you have can also say something about your personality. A British study found that there were correlations between a person’s personality and the breed of dog they chose to own. Another study suggests that dog owners are in general more outgoing than cat owners. So does that mean dog owners are extroverts and cat owners are introverts? Not necessarily, but maybe.


Best Outdoor Kennel in Cold Weather

Best Outdoor Kennel in Cold Weather

Cold-weather considerations

I live in Alaska. I have an Alaskan Malamute and a Husky. Both dogs are well adapted to cold weather, but I needed to find an outdoor dog kennel that would be suitable for them in cold weather. I would never leave my dogs out alone at night, but when the weather is relatively pleasant, it’s OK for them to go out during the day. When considering outdoor dog kennels, where I live, and the type of dogs that I have, I knew I would need a kennel that those dogs could not get out of. I found a chain-link kennel that was large enough for the two of them to have adequate room to run around, but also had a portion that extended below the edge of the fence and could be buried under the ground because I know my dogs will try to dig their way out. The kennel also has a chain-link fence along the top to prevent them from climbing out. My dogs are escape artists.

Because it’s so cold up here, I needed to have an outdoor dog kennel that had a raised area at one end so that the dogs could get off the cold ground. I built a very low type of wood deck and put their dog houses on top of that. Even when the ground is really cold and wet, they and their dog houses are up and in a dry area. I also got a canvas cover to go over the top to protect them from rain or snow. I ordered a water bowl that could be heated so that it never would freeze over. This requires running electricity out to my outdoor dog kennel, so I put the kennel relatively close to the side of the house. Since my dogs are both adapted to cold weather, I didn’t need to get them any other type of heating elements. They are both boys so they tend to pee through the fence and it goes outside of the kennel. I just make sure to keep up on cleaning the poop daily.

The results

I am very happy with my mix of purchases to create this outdoor dog kennel. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for all in one package. But I was able to piece together a set up that both I and my dogs are happy with. Now I can let them out into their outdoor dog kennel during the day, and I know they are safe and happy.


Scoobie Doo

Scoobie Doo

Scoobie Doo is an instantly recognizable character from the show named after him. In the show, the characters solve mysteries, many of the supernatural variety. Scoobie’s real name is Scoobert! Scoobie Doo was named after a non-sense line from a Frank Sinatra song called “Strangers in the Night.” The gang of mystery solvers Scoobie Doo is a part of also consists of Shaggy, Velma, Daphne, and Fred. And they travel around in a van called the Mystery Machine.

What breed is Scoobie Doo?

Scoobie Doo is a Great Dane who speaks in English, in a manner of speaking. Scoobie Doo is known for adding an “R” to the beginning of most words. Scoobie Doo would say “Ruh roh” instead of “Uh oh,” a phrase I’m sure he said a lot given his tendency to get into trouble. Scoobie Doo has some very un-dog like characteristics. Scoobie Doo has thumbs and can use his paws like hands. Handy…. Scoobie Doo also can walk upright like a person and has a prehensile tail that he can swing from. He has a very expressive face and oh yes, as I mentioned, he also speaks English.

What’s Scoobie Doo like?

Scoobie Doo is best buds with Shaggy, his friend a co-solver in many mysteries. Scoobie Doo apparently has the same intelligence as his fellow mystery solving buddies, but Scoobie Doo is, shall we say, a bit clumsy. Scoobie Doo and Shaggy are the closest of the group, both sharing similar personality characteristics. Both are cowards and are constantly hungry. This last fact has led many people to believe Scoobie Doo and Shaggy were always high. They always had the munchies! Scoobie Doo has several relatives including Scrappy Doo, his nephew and Scoobie Dum who is a cousin. All of his relatives are something-Doo, which is expected.


Should Your Dog Get Table Scraps?

Should Your Dog Get Table Scraps?

Many people think it’s ok for their dog to eat scraps of food from the table. But there are also strong arguments against the practice.


Your dog is ready and willing to help you clean up after dinner, what’s the harm in letting him have some nibbles? Dogs certainly enjoy a lot of what people eat. What dog would say no to a piece of steak? The god can help you reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the garbage or down the sink. They reduce the amount of dish washing you need to do. Though now you have dog saliva on the dishes so they still need to be cleaned.


There are many arguments against feeding your dog table scraps. First from a food point of view: not all the things people eat are good for dogs. If you accidentally feed a dog certain types of food, you can kill the dog! Poisonous food aside, most argument against feeding dogs table scraps have to do with behavioral issues. If your dog begins to learn that he can eat food from the table, what prevents him from grabbing the food when you’re not there?

Dogs that have become accustomed to eating table scraps often help themselves to the food when their owners are not there. This can become a very bad habit, with your dog helping himself to Thanksgiving dinner before you’ve even finished preparing it! Another problem with feeding your dog table scraps is that the dog begins to expect it and they start to beg.

Imagine you have your in-laws over for a meal and your 80 pound German Shepherd has his head right at your mother in-laws shoulder, breathing on her while she tries to eat her filet mignon! It’s best never to start this habit and just don’t ever give your dog table scraps.


Hairless Dogs?

Hairless Dogs?

Yes, you read that right. There are several dog breeds that are hairless for nearly hairless. Since dogs descend from wolves who have very thick coats, a hairless dog breeds are the result of an accidental genetic mutation. A dog breeder was trucking along reading their dogs, when in one litter they produced a dog that had no or little hair. This genetic accident became one of the forefathers for a new breed of dog. Readers would have repeatedly tried to select for a hairless variety of dog. And over time they would’ve been able to produce all puppies in a litter as being hairless.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is actually not from China. They are believed to be descended from dogs from Africa. There are two varieties of Chinese Crested: Powderpuff and Hairless. The Powderpuff variety does have hair, while the Hairless does not. The gene that makes them hairless is called an incomplete dominant. This means that it only takes one copy of the gene to be present for the dog to be hairless. If a dog is given two copies of the hairless gene, one from each parent, the dog will die. A dog that is homozygous for the hairless gene cannot survive gestation and is resorbed into the womb. So all Hairless Chinese Cresteds are heterozygous for the hairless gene.

Mexican Hairless Dog

Archaeological evidence shows evidence of the Mexican Hairless dog going back to the times of the Mayan, Toltec, and Aztec time periods. The dogs were frequently consumed as sacrifices to the gods. The hairless trait originated in the breed as a random mutation thousands of years ago. The recessive expression of the gene produces a dog with hair and dogs without hair. If a dog gets two copies of the hairless gene, the puppy cannot survive gestation and is resorbed into the womb just as with the Chinese Crested. All Mexican Hairless Dog litters contain with puppies with hair and ones without hair.


Build Your Own Outdoor Dog Kennel

Build Your Own Outdoor Dog Kennel


I wasn’t happy with the options available for outdoor dog kennels, so I decided to build my own. I have two Labrador Retrievers. I wanted to build an outdoor dog kennel that they both could enjoy, but that wouldn’t put me in the poorhouse to make. I knew part of it needed to be chain-link fence because that was cheap and durable, but I also wanted them to have a covered area, a bathroom area, and a doghouse.


I bought the chain-link fence and the posts to attach them to at my local hardware store. I bought a pre-made doghouse because I don’t have the woodworking skills to make one myself. I got one made for two dogs so both dogs could go in there together. They like to sleep next to each other. I decided to get a canvas tarp to act as a cover. I also bought some small pea gravel to put in one corner for the dogs to us as a bathroom area. I bought short two by fours to enclose the bathroom area so that the gravel would not spell out.


I put my outdoor kennel in the corner of my yard so that I could use the existing fence as part of the kennel walls. I set up my posts and chain-link in an L shape taken advantage of the existing fence corner. I put my pre-made wooden dog house in the back corner, put a nice double dog bed inside, and laid tree bark around it and the rest of the enclosure. I made the wooden box for the bathroom gravel pit area to go in the other far corner away from the doghouse. I positioned the canvas cover over the doghouse side of the outdoor kennel so they could have some shade from an weather. I am really happy I decided to build my own customized outdoor dog kennel. There are some great options out there, but I wanted my dogs to have certain things and I just didn’t see that available on the market.